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Career & Style
Consultant Ltd.

H-1113 Budapest, Margitsziget
Danubius Grand Hotel
Tel.:  +36 1 889 4953
Fax: +36 1 889 4954

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Career & Style Consultant Ltd– Areas of expertise

To provide comprehensive consultancy - for the managers and professionals working in hungarian and multinational companies in the leading edge industries :

  • kep2.jpgStrategy in practice
  • Career management- search and long term carrier development planning
  • Continuous support in solving „difficult” professional and human problems in the company
  • Professional trainings – competency development programs
  • Style management
  • Professional conferences and forums
Main objectives of our training programs

To train the employees working in the service sector ,in the traditional and modern trade , in order to be able to fulfill the KAM, TMM, FSM, SCM positions in an efficient way, to increase their personal effectiveness and develop their leadership skills .

Leaders of the training programmes:
Dr. Klára Csík – Managing Director – Senior Consultant

Klara has great experience in working as a leader with Local and Multinational supplier and retail companies. Having worked as Commercial and Trade Marketing Director is a guarantee for success in doing consultancy work.

Melinda Katona – Senior Consultant

Melinda has great experience in the field of business management, change management and management training. She is an expert in ’Supply Chain’ management, on which field she has a wide scope of international and national experience through the practices of Unilever.

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